January 2019 - The Curse

As we head into February it is time to review or plans for the forthcoming year.

Income of £160K for the first year and £90K to December 2019

My main focus is income generation and we are in talks with a couple of estate agents and legal firms with a view to agreeing some lead generation opportunities. Whilst the figures for January took the usual hit given the Christmas period, the pipeline looks encouraging. We need to average 10 mortgages a month to hit target so pulling 16 Decisions in Principle out of the hat in January was a nice surprise and an encoragement for what remains of the winter months.

Open Crow Road

We should be good to go next week w/c 11 February and the idea is that we will do the flit at the weekend. We have been given a few curve balls in the run up to moving this week. The main one being someone has locked our meeting room and no one knows who has done this or who has the key? We need the desk and chairs. Enquiries with the landlord, headtenant, new tenant and the cleaner are all drawing a blank so unless we solve this conundrum we may be having standing meetings. I told you we were going to be different!!!!!!!!!

I have been painting the new shop at 620 Crow Road and those of you who live in Glasgow will be aware that the previous incarnations of the shop have not proved successful. From its day as a Victoria Wine, boiler sales, home improvement shop and latterly Central Estate agents no one seems to have been able to make it work. Indeed when painting, I have even had a couple of Jordanhill Worthies come up and say that there is a curse on the shop - "The Corner Shop Curse". Apparently there is a Jordanhill Group on Facebook so I must join to have a look at what everyone has been saying. We might be the talk of the steamy!

I guess that my saving grace is that I do not necessarily need walk up traffic. What we have bought - or rather my pension fund - is a rather expensive billboard. We will get our name out to the thousands of people who drive up and down Crow Road and hopefully when the time is right for the traffic to need a mortgage we may get remembered.

Anyway the refurb has gone pretty well. Jimmy Perrie at Rightway Home Improvements has led the team and other than a couple of misunderstandings we have not fallen out and he has delivered just what I want. His workmanship has been second to none and if you are looking for a tradesman than I can certainly recommentd him.

Take on an adviser

Matt Donnelly has always said to me that I need to go into this with the end goal in mind ie how are you going to extricate yourself from the business. He is of the view that you should be thinking about this every day! I think that if I can get an adviser in who over time will take over the reins to allow me to slip into the background then that would be just fine. The big issue is trying to find someone who has the same philosophy and is prepared to put in some sweat equity. The last thing that you want is to give someone the keys only to realise too late that they have locked you out of your own shop and stolen all your clients!

I want to get all the processes down pat before I look to expand the team. It needs a firm foundation and if that takes another year then so be it. Best get the right person than continue to have to motivate and cajole someone that you have just taken on because you felt you had to.

Get on top of social media

Buying a shop now gives us a great platform to spread the word - CLIENTS FIRST NOT NUMBERS! I need to get the podcast back up and running and improve the consistency of the blogs that I post. I will look at Instagram as a potential platform and look again at Facebook. We are on Google Business and one thing that I really must do is look at getting more testimonials on this platform.

So there we have it the goals for 2019. I have plugged these into my 411 - see The One Thing. I have a list of actions to complete. Now it just needs me to take action.

"Endure the monotony of success" - Gary Keller